Alex Frondelli
Welcome to the website of Alex Frondelli, a typical 17 year-old from Oceanside NY, whose brilliant playing, songwriting, and arranging abilities are anything but typical. Drawing on elements of Jazz, Blues, Rock, Fusion and Classical, Alex has fused these elements into his own unique, fluid guitar style. Well-versed in composition, chord structure, theory and arranging, Alex has caught the eyes and ears of many industry professionals, instructors, bandleaders and fellow musicians many years his senior. Alex appeared at the 2010 Winter NAMM show as an artist for Jet City Amplification at the tender age of 14.

This website was originally created to coincide with the release of the self-titled EP CD "Alex Frondelli" at Winter NAMM 2010, so there is MUCH more to come. Stay tuned! While you are waiting, please listen to the tunes. More tunes and photos will be added shortly. Enjoy!

• New York Nights

• Reflections

• Ping Pong Master
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